Friday, November 14, 2008

Podcast: Power

A podcast, or series of audio or video digital-media files, can be downloaded or distributed via RSS feeds. Podcasts, a very buzz worthy word, have a variety of uses. Some of these include: story-telling, informational guides, radio talk shows, interviews, tutorials, sportscasts, sharing music, and voicing one's personal opinions. Just as blogging, this new social medium gives individuals the chance to deliver or share their personal story or opinion without going through an intermediary or middle man. This elimination gives people and companies power. Power to control their message.

So, what does all this mean for a public relations professional? Well, it means one more medium to carry that very important message they are seeking to share. There are many things to consider when sending a message via podcast. First, create a fun and interesting graphic on your website indicating that you have podcasts available. This will ensure that your loyal online visitors ( who are probably already somewhat techologically savvy because they are online) , will be exposed to this. Next, provide helpful and basic instructions on what a podcast is. Only developed in August of 2004, this medium is still growing in popularity. Next, make certain that your podcast carries a message that makes sense. That means, use your podcast in both a creative and purposeful way. Maybe your podcast can help carry the theme of your organization's weekly blog ( you have one at this point I hope ). Also, promote your podcast! Use both traditional, and social news releases to inject your message into the inboxes of thousands of people. Creating an awareness about your podcast will send more users (note: not audiences, because social mediums are interactive and the audience becomes users as they seek or "pull" for the info.) to your website. Finally, send your podcast to a podcast directory! Why? Everybody is doing it. Podcast directories divide podcasts into categories and point users in your direction when they are looking for your information. Check out this directory:

It is easy to see that podcasts have many uses and can help promote events. But before you can promote via podcast, you must drive people to your podcast. Podcasts equal more power. Power to control your message, and ultimately your company's destiny. So, what are you waiting for? Feel the power. Promote with a podcast.


KC said...

Natalie I'm glad you pointed out that podcasts are just another medium for pr professionals to get their message not, not the only way. I think too many times when something new comes along people tend to forget about the "old" ways of doing things. Podcasts are just an additional useful way of getting your message across. Great job!

AmandaK said...

Great suggestions for the appropriate ways to use podcasts. Utilizing a new form of media is much different from some of the more traditional public relations methods