Sunday, October 5, 2008

To Blog or Not To Blog?

Blogging: A fickle, yet fun and fiercely entertaining feature that many companies are utilizing. So why do "many" utilize this social media, while some choose to remain "sitting in the dark?" I can't help but recall that I was one of those in that dark room up until about three weeks ago. So what draws people or organizations to these ever-changing diaries? Is it the real-life reenactment or its trendy nature? Is it the personal touch it contributes to a tall dark skyscraper? Or the blue eyes it adds to the face of the CEO? I certainly don't have all the answers, but I do have an opinion. So, the question remains. To blog or not to blog?

The latter, of course. BLOG! After taking in B.J. Ochman's controversial article, "10 Reasons Your Company Shouldn't Blog", I was still not persuaded that a blog is detrimental to a company. First, Ochman claims that a blog is "guaranteed" to join all the other blogs that people do not read. My immediate thought is "I can tell your glass is half empty." With so many popular blogs, there is always that chance a company's blog could succeed. Ochman goes on to say that blogs require constant reading; thus, they take up too much time. I say read on! Most professionals read something, and to me that something is probably enough to create a blog per week from. Ochman then writes that blogs are not cheap, nor are they a "quick fix". Although I agree with her there, I must point out that blogs are sweeping the nation and the world. It is similiar to the question that many organizations faced years ago. Should we build a website for our customers/publics? This was not extremely cheap, nor was it a quick fix; however, it is easy to see now that making information accessible via a website is essential! There are millions of websites, but that is certainly no reason not to create one. Putting information out there is the best way to reach out to those who may want to reach back. Finally, Ochman says that you must work to drive individuals to your blog. Although this can be a hassle, I still think "So what?" All good mediums require work and even though results aren't immediate, they are still very real.

Blogs can be used in unique ways. I recently saw a show on HGTV entitled "Blog Cabin". This blog was created for viewers to build their own log cabin by blogging about the features they desired in the layout of a log cabin home. The producers developed a final product based off the blog, and created a show about building this "Blog Cabin". How inventive! Even though like Ochman said, this was not cheap, it was seemingly effective and fun! It "pulled" viewers in because they had a part in it.

Blogging, although time consuming and sometimes costly, is an new, helpful way companies and individuals can relate to their friends/publics. I believe there are more pros than cons in blogging, so I'll say it: "Blog on!".

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JRi said...

Rock on, sister! Seriously though, what’s the risk to starting a blog? Yeah, it takes a little bit of time and effort to develop the personality and character of the blog – but beyond that, it’s just a matter of updating. Also, I can understand that it’s not a conventional method of communication – so there may be some worry there. But, you know what, if you’re not willing to adapt to your surroundings and keep up with communication methods, you only bring it on yourself to fall out of the loop!